The Linux scripts will make your life easier, and a small script at a time adding to your workflows can empower you with the custom workflows. Because the Linux shell is the first class citizen for Linux based operating systems, it gives the native ability to automate workflows and working across Linux a breeze.

What and how you can use Linux scripts for in deep learning projects?

Imagination is the limit on what and how we can use Linux scripts in deep learning projects. Some of the potential aspects that we will look into in the context of deep learning projects are:

  • Tool chain setup
    • software build, installation and configuration
  • Looping, chaining
    • python inside shell script - multiple python scripts from shell scripts
    • shell commands and scripts inside python
  • System administration
  • System configuration, environment variables management, service setup
  • Scheduling, monitoring, reporting & automation
  • Messaging interface
  • Event trigger & streaming
  • Custom Dockers
    • Nvidia CUDA Docker based images for ML/AI Computer Vision Development
    • MongoDB

Tools empowers you and the importance of the right set of tools cannot be undermine. One of the challenge is to know what’s the right tool for you. This requires considerable time and effort to spend on discovering different options, exploring them and trying them hands-on to figure out what you like or not. There’s no one shoe fit all kind of solution for this; it’s subjective to individual style and preference. Think about it as your choice of weapon you would like to have in a game. Just like in the game you would have to keep up with the upgrades of these tools and also consider adopting new tools as they come in and goes out rapidly.